Accenture Digital Hackaton

 November 11-12, 2017 – Rome

Accenture Italia launched in November 2017 as the first Global Hackathon, the first edition connected with 11 cities on 3 continents. This involved students, graduates, creative designers, developers, data analysts and marketing experts.

It was the first connected Hackathon (Arab Emirates, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Turkey, Holland and Great Britain) organized by Accenture. It was an unmissable opportunity that favored the confrontation between young people and an international challenge at the center: sharing their ideas and experimenting with the most recent and innovative technologies.

Need: tell the highlights of the event live 

The promotion of the event was accompanied by the presence of Accenture mentors and collaborators precisely to encourage and accelerate the learning of children within a dynamic and interactive event.

Accenture in particular, now in its fourth edition of the Hackathon, decided to entrust Social Reporters with the real-time story of the event on social media, to promote an understanding of the important challenge. The editorial staff of Social Reporters built their editorial solutions on two requirements.

  1. Give a voice to the key figures (from mentors, to students, up to young creative people).
  2. Increase the buzz around the event through an editorial staff of Live Content Creators ready to amplify the most important content.

 Live brand jurnalism and Real Time Storytelling

To bring the audience interested in the event even closer and to encourage a narrative flow on social media, Social Reporters has methodologically offered its solution of Live Content Creation.

The most important activities are as follows:

  • Drafting of a “Live Oriented” editorial plan aimed at representing all the moments and the agenda of the two days.
  • Editing and distribution of video interviews (corporate journalism) to the main promoters of the Accenture Italia event.
  • Live tweeting and live reporting of all scheduled activities
  • Creation of a narrative format (mobile video interviews) aimed at interviewing the participants on a theme of “Shared knowledge.”
  • Detailed reports on social metrics and buzz generated during the event. 

Video gallery

Video Interviews