Employer Branding: how Accenture used the Live Content Creation service

As leverage and for internal communication

For Accenture, the celebration of the International Women’s Day (14th edition in 2018) is a differentiating element of its identity as a leading employer of choice for professional women in business and technology.

This year, in fact, through the « Getting to Equal » campaign, Accenture has opened a real conversation on gender equality, inspiring people to actively promote change.

For the “getting to equal” campaign, 3 stages have been chosen in the Naples, Rome and Milan offices, as the most significant locations will give continuity to the “Inclusion and Diversity” initiatives made by the group in previous years. The invitation was extended to the men and women of the group, and a showing of the latest results of the “getting to equal” research were characterized by a theatrical performance conducted by Francesca Isola and Guglielmo Perez, called “Inclusion Rate“. There were some days that, given the richness of the content and the important participation, could not be told.


How the activity of Live Content Creation has become a lever of engagement for internal communication.

The editorial staff of Social Reporters was hired to represent the development of the three stages on social media, enhancing all the phases of the daily agenda: from the research “Getting To Equal“, presented by Raffaella Temporiti, and Francesca Patellani, to the show, Inclusion Quotient.

In addition to providing audiovisual contributions in real time, the function of our Social Reporters has been to enable and encourage the participation of people in each city through a photo story and a video commitment.

Video gallery

Interviews with Francesca Patellani, Raffaella Temporiti and a Video Summary

An initiative that has allowed the people involved to summarize in a few seconds their ideas or their own thoughts about inclusion. These contributions respected the Global campaign of the Accenture group with the hashtag #InclusionStartsWithI.

The IWD has provided the opportunity to foster an open dialogue on important issues for both women and men and to create leverage in favor of creating a better workplace culture.