Social Reporters a Identità Golose 2018

A total brand journalism experience.

Report and KPI

  • Reach : 89 M
  • Videos completed : 17
  • Views : 31K

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Let’s say it up front, we owe a lot to the entourage of Paolo Marchi, Claudio Ceroni and Magenta Bureau, a collaboration that was born 3 Identità Goloses ago. This year we have been strong and successful partners again. 

The Live Brand Journalism as we understand it, has been applied in the 2018 edition and in a total way as it is written in the title. Whoever writes a visa in the 3 editions, increases not only the visibility but above all the number of social reporters on site. 

2016 – 1 Social Reporter

2017 – 3 Social Reporters 

2018 – 5 Social Reporters

It is not my intention to over-analyse the difference between now and 2016, but it’s important to understand how the methods of collaboration have changed in form and substance.

Because we call this Brand Journalism service, Total 

Brand Journ – Photo report

An editorial staff made up of 5 Social Reporters is not just a group of reporters but a real newsroom. Below you will see one of the outputs of the innovative Brand Journalism service: the photo report.

Live Content Creation Instagram stories 

We call it total because at this event, we were able to give an omnichannel and real time coverage, especially on Instagram and with Instagram Stories, which have become the new Live Tweeting.

Data Journalism

In 2016 we met Identità Golose presenting one of the side services of Social Reporters, the possibility to trace a hashtag in real time and to graphically represent metrics and trends. We called it Twitter Audience; the 2018 edition. In addition to confirming this solution, they also saw us as key players of the Instagram Audience representation. You can download the subtracted UGC (User Generated Content) and then impressions, and interactions from the report here.

Live Brand Journalism Video interviews and video reports 

In no specific order, Monograno Felicetti, Alcenero, Grana Padano, Ruinart, Birra Moretti, Petra Molino Quaglia, Berto’s, Lavazza, Valrhona, are brands which are past interviewees of ours. We interviewed their representatives, they expressed their values, perspectives, initiatives and upcoming events. This is a way to deepen the focus on individual features, and also a tribute to the supporters of such a prestigious event. Below are some interviews.

Video gallery

The interviews and the video report

Brand Awareness and Native Advertising

One of the most important reasons to consider the March 2018 experience as total and representative is the great ability to enhance the contents by highlighting them in real time. Speaking live means guaranteeing the perception of authenticity and respect to one’s audience and community. Sponsoring live content on Facebook in a profiled way required a dedicated figure. A new reporter, who has been further hybridized into the practice of real time bidding.

Data Journalism – Social Reporters Awards

In this edition and for the first time we have also entered the structured system of production and distribution of content, that in our philosophy is usually self-sustaining. With the Social Reporters Awards, we wanted to pay tribute to the most active brands, and the most relevant ones, and more specifically to the social media teams that worked just like us to tell all the highlights of the event.


Stories or Tweet. Snackable Contents – Highlights