Social Reporters for Campus Party Italia 2017:

between travel interviews and Brand Journalism

Report and KPI

  • Reach : 42 M
  • Impression : 1.87 M
  • Videos made: 28

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From July 20-23, 2017, the first edition of Campus Party Italia was held in Milan.  This international event was dedicated to digital and technological innovation, but above all, to young talents. In fact, there were numerous universities, companies, institutions and communities that worked together with technological partners to create one of the most prestigious education and entertainment events in Italy.


6 main themes (Entrepreneurship, Coding, Creativity, Technology, Science, Entertainment), 400 Hours of Content including speeches, workshops, hackathons, and 2,000 “Campuseros,” the name used to identify Campus Party participants. In short, this summarizes all the elements used to tell this event in all of its distinctiveness. 

Travelling interviews

We met the entourage of Campus Party in the two weeks preceding the event, and we were immediately attracted to the format and the guests present at the event. We had never been “Campuseros” or hosted during an overnight stay in the characteristic tents provided by the organization. This was an opportunity to apply original formats that had to do with the life of the so-called “campuseros.”

Brand Reporter for Campus Party

The interviews with the participants were undoubtedly the most suggestive activities of the event, but the task entrusted to us had to do with more complex and often risky tasks. We had to guarantee social media coverage for all of the contributions of the panels and workshops. This is why we have copied the stages to study in depth of all the panels and the guests present and to build a Live Oriented Editorial Plan useful to circumscribe the most relevant events and topics.

 Brand Journalism & Data Journalism

Live Tweeting, photo stories and video summaries were the main activities of our office, but one of the most engaging editorial strategies was that deriving from the activity of Data Journalism and Brand Journalism. In fact, thanks to the presence of the Brand Reporter editorial staff, we interviewed the most authoritative representatives of companies such as Visa, A2A, and Qwant, and we also monitored their presence on social media by creating accurate infographics.

Video gallery

Interviews with participants