Social Reporters for Meet Media Guru

on the occasion of the meeting with Anouk Wipprecht

Report and KPI

  • Reach : 1.37M
  • Impression : 111K
  • Users involved : 103

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Social Reporters as a community is based on the skills and the continuous and dynamic exchange of these skills between community members. A Live Content Creation service which, to always be at the cutting edge, needs continuous contamination; in particular, the design of the fashion tech world seemed to be a valid and enlightening opportunity.

Live Tweeting – Chronicle minute by minute

An editorial staff of 2 storytellers with a great capacity for synthesis and writing, contributed to enriching the narration of a two-hour event while also making great strides towards the future. The editorial staff of Social Reporters has in fact managed the official channels of Meet Media Guru’s Twitter and Instagram to guarantee a live social media coverage. It was a perfect integration between the existing social media team of Meet Media Guru and the reporters who managed the event temporarily because they were able to share the whole speech in real time.

Thanks to the great Media Guru network, a photo story associated with words was produced that managed to develop an attentive audience on Twitter. There were many profiles that engaged on their social media at the event, which thanks to the support of partner brands such as SpindoX, and Banca Ifis, Media Guru managed to exceed one million impressions on Twitter.